Debt Consolidation

Get back on track with debt consolidation

Most people are living with some sort of debt – be it a mortgage, car loan, personal loan or credit card, or a combination of the above.

However, if you have various debts that you’re struggling to keep on top of then this may be a problem. Being unable to keep up with multiple debt repayments can cause a huge amount of stress, financially as well as emotionally.

At Time2Refinance, we get it. We understand that your financial situation can rapidly change to one which you weren’t expecting, or hoping to be in.

And that’s why we are here. We genuinely care and we genuinely want to help. It is our passion and purpose to work with you to assist you in managing you debts to get on top of your finances.

Debt consolidation may be the solution to turn your financial struggles around.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation works by combining multiple debts into a single loan. Consolidation helps to manage your debts as, once combined, you are left with a single debt, at a single interest rate, with a reduced repayment amount.

Debt consolidation aims to simplify and reduce loan repayments – meaning, less financial and emotional stress for you.

A home loan is a common choice for debt consolidation, as this loan type has the lowest interest rate. If you don’t have a home loan, then a personal loan with a competitive interest rate can be a good option to consolidate your debt.

It’s important to remember that debt consolidation does not reduce your level of debt. The goal is to help you stay on track and manage repayments better. If you are consolidating short-term loans (such as a car loan) into a long-term loan (a home loan), it is advised that you pay a little extra towards your loan on each repayment to help reduce the overall interest charges. Otherwise, you may end up paying more over the life of the loan.

Is debt consolidation right for me?

Debt consolidation is a great way to manage multiple short-term debts that yield a higher interest rate.

To see if consolidation might be the financial option that’s right for you, please get in touch with our experienced mortgage brokers at Time2Refinance.

We will work with you to understand your current financial position and circumstances. We then do the running around to find the ideal solution to make your financial goals achievable.

We compare interest rates and conditions from hundreds of loans from our panel of over 30 lenders, including the big banks, to find the right loan for you, at the right price, with the right terms.

We go through everything in fine detail to ensure that all lenders terms and charges are thoroughly understood, with no chance of hidden surprises down the track.

If you’re then ready to proceed with the debt consolidation, we’ll take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.

There is no cost to you to use our service

We make the process easy and hassle-free and best of all, our service is free of charge to you.

You do not need to pay a cent for us to be the ones working for you – from the initial consultation through to your loan approval and beyond. We’ll support you to navigate the path to achieve your financial goals.

Our Adelaide debt consolidation specialists are based in Queenstown, South Australia, and we provide our service Australia-wide.